The Johnson

The Johnson Review

Key point to actually make you want to see this one is they do not allow the star of the film – emotionless Keanu Reeves – very much chit chat time. He is limited on speaking. Standing ovation needed for that. The movie is not worth the extra dough for 3d so bypass that option right away, only two or three scenes sick enough for that useless feature. The Asian cast members are familiar faces. A great deal of them seem to be from Jet Li’s films. They are always amazing and grand at what they put into a film. Now that is with the exception of the actress whom played the witch,  Rinko Kikuchi. I wasn’t a fan of her work well speaking wise that is. She was doing this slow whispering pause between words (madness) and it didn’t work out, but she walked, fought, and all that jazz well. She don’t get many lines either and that’s the reason I’m hoping why. Other than that it has its slow moments. The fighting is gorgeous and the story is based off of some form of truth. Not a terrible waste of money if you see it at the matinée price spent, but definitely not evening price worthy. Would I see this again? Only if its bed time and I need some background noise ‘til the Sandman finds me. Guess I’ll do star ratings ** out of **** stars .

47 Ronin Official Synopsis:

2hr 7min – Rated PG-13 – Action/Adventure/Scifi/Fantasy Director: Carl Rinsch – Cast: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ko Shibasaki, Tadanobu Asano, Rinko Kikuchi After a treacherous warlord kills their master and banishes their kind, 47 leaderless samurai vow to seek vengeance and restore honor to their people. Driven from their homes and dispersed across the land, this band of Ronin must seek the help of Kai -a half-breed they once rejected-as they fight their way across a savage world of mythic beasts, shape-shifting witchcraft and wondrous terrors. As this exiled, enslaved outcast becomes their most deadly weapon, he will transform into the hero who inspires this band of outnumbered rebels to seize eternity.