Mike Brown’s slaying taking over Social Media

Hacktivist group Anonymous has shed more light into the police investigation that is clearly not happening with respect to the death of Mike Brown. Mike Brown is a teen from Furgeson, Missouri that was gunned down by police. He was 17 years old, and several videos have captured Mike’s lifeless body lying in the streets, blood pooling beneath him for all of the community to see. The group members of Anonymous have been providing the public with information that you will not find in the news. The group is currently trying to release the 911 audio files it has obtained to youtube. However, the video is being removed citing a ToS violation.

On Tuesday, the hastag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown allowed users to compile two photos, one depicting what some would call a “thug” look, the other a professional look highlighting military service, college graduations, or formal attire.


Some users even went as far to show pictures of them engaging in illegal activity which adds more fuel to the debate.


If they gunned you down, which image would they choose?


Meanwhile the citizens of Furgeson have been marching and looting which has enacted local police to enforce martial law.



Lastly, the media seems to think that Al Sharpton is still a respected leader in the Black Community….