Poll says Police consider Black deaths to be “isolated incidents”

That awkward moment when police say black deaths are “isolated incidents.” This is what I get for daring to type in CNN.com.

It’s not even Friday and this week, post President Obama’s Farewell, has been a shit storm. Donald held a press conference to scold the press about not writing nice things about him, while promising that his “tremendous” friends are going to do “tremendous” things for this country. Now, some asshole has polled law enforcement officers to ask them if the deaths of African American’s specifically are “isolated incidents” or part of a “broader problem?”


What exactly is this “broader problem?” Will someone please define this?

Meanwhile, the public does not consider this fuckery to be isolated and considers it to be a “broader problem.” So again I ask what the fuck is “broader problem” supposed to mean? I guarantee you both sides have different definitions. Let’s play a game.

Let’s change “isolated incidents” to “due to lack of  respect for legal authority” and let’s change “broader problem” to “due to looking Black.” Either way this shit is grim as fuck.

In my experience, there are cops who think they are God’s gift to the land because they have a gun, a badge, and a union to back them up when they fuck up. With the advent of social media serving as the primary medium, it’s safe to say they’ve been fuckin’ up a lot. Like a lot a lot. We’ve seen a flurry of videos, i.e: children being body slammed, a hot headed highway patrolman attack a paramedic while transporting a patient, and a mentally disabled woman being punched in the face on the 405. If law enforcement truly want to have better relations -which they don’t, they fucking don’t, don’t let twitter fool you – they are going to have to change their culture.

You can talk about adding additional training, changing policies, appointing inspectors and watchdogs, and increasing community outreach, but until you change that culture, all of the aforementioned is just words in a bullshit training manual that I already know they don’t follow nor read. [See The Somber Reality of Los Angeles Police Comissioners Meetings]

You want to know if a cop is in it for the money or the service? Ask them to tell you what their mission statement is. The cop should either live the core values or give up the job. It’s no different than what is asked of your service members.

The CNN article also talks about “anti-police bias.” Unsurprisingly, cops aren’t listening to anyone at all and feel like the issue is not about their lack of accountability.

Cops, get your heads out of your asses. It’s about accountability. When you fuck up, you presently have zero disciplinary action measures, and fuck you to whomever came up with paid administrative leave. You have no accountability and truthfully you give no fucks. You can quit your job in lieu of being fired and start over anew at a new police department. No one else can do that shit after murdering someone.

Change your culture.

You can’t tell Blacks to change their culture because these isolated incidents have such a broad spectrum no person of Black origin is safe. For every “thug” shooting there as been a child shot. For every “prior history” shooting, there has been a church drummer shot. You’re even breaking the legs of NBA players outside clubs. Dare I say that these murders might be an easier pill to swallow if you were actually killing pieces of shit but you’re not. And if peddling illegal cigarettes justifies murder because it’s illegal then Bernie Maddoff should have been euthanized a long time ago. The executives of Enron should have been euthanized. And Martha Stewart’s ass should have been euthanized as well for making false statements and perjury.

Now, with respect to persons who happen to be Black that have committed crimes, then they deserve their day in court not a morgue. None of you are Judge Dredd.