1L – That Awkward Moment When You Discover a Former “Professor” Is Disbarred

It’s like this bucket of 1L tears I am collecting just keeps filling. This is the messiest story I’ve ever read and possibly posted. Introducing David Springfield aka Jurrie Lubbers.

So here I am, excited about finishing my first month of law school, only to find out that one of my “professors” in a previously taped lecture is now disbarred, was allegedly involved in a religious group….


and/or was the attorney for their various legal transactions, and is allegedly wanted for criminal charges based on comments posted online. Yay, law school.

[It is important to note that David Springfield is not listed on the NWCU website as current faculty. The video in question seems have to been taped at least 10 years ago, but he is referred to as a professor in the title of said video, hence, the air quotes. No ill will or defamation is intended against any parties. Just showing off my elementary research skills.]

Woke up one day wanting to dive into Contract Law, struggling with the endless sea of text in my book, I decided to check out some video lectures on my law school’s video archive and found one by David Springfield.  I’m always curious of folks who become professors (the video labels him as such) so I did as trolls do and I  “googled” him. Then my law student spirit was beaten repeatedly with a pinata stick. Here we go!

Googled it.


BirdEye Complaints

What. In. The. Fuck?!


Cal Bar Website

As I dug deeper, I found an alleged letter from David to the Fellowship where he resigns as their legal counsel  and spills some delicious tea about a SECRET BOARD MEETING….



….but also an interesting typed response in David’s defense from someone named Abraham Goldman.



Leave David alone!

When I looked into Abraham… he is dead. The Fellowship cites self-harm, while his obituary leaves out the cause of death. I had a co-worker take himself out the game, his obituary was similar to Abraham’s. RIP fellas.



Okay I really don’t know what happened in 2015 to get him under investigation. But at the top of 2016 the State Bar of California snatched his license faster than a reality tv “housewife” can snatch a weave. Now, I like my law school a lot, but I don’t understand why they haven’t yanked this video lecture down. I’m going to have to assume they don’t know about his professional issues.

Having produced and been a videographer of a bunch of random shit, once you’ve got something taped that has actual educational value you hold onto it. So I can see how this previously taped lecture is like gold. And yeah sure, his issues don’t affect his knowledge of the subject matter but personally, I’d just re-tape the lecture with someone else. And I’d definitely strip him of the title of Professor on the video. If he were my employee, his internet trail is bad for business and I’d be erasing his existence from my brand.

Not wanting to end on such a sour note, with all the death and accusations, let’s take a deeper look at BirdEye.

Now, on BirdEye, David Springfield presently has 1.7 stars. Where did the .7 come from you ask? Bonnie.

Bonnie….Bonnie. Bonnie.

Gurl, bye!

Why? Why would you come to bat for this dude when you even state he “might have met his demise.” Did you know what he was up to?! Call me girl, spill some tea!



The state says, “3 violations… a single client matter.” Perhaps this is what all the 1-star comments were about, Bonnie. But noooooo, you had to go and give him 5 stars.

Bonnie, delete your account.


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