by Condoleeza Applebottom

Donald Trump is a Bitch! And I don’t mean that in a funny way. (Note: Not too, too long ago, people noted that, if you asked the Siri app the definition of bitch, one of its definitions was “(black slang) a woman”.) Some people BITCHED about that. I’m black. I’m a woman. My thought? If you don’t want your feelings hurt, then stop calling each other BITCH and call REAL bitches BITCH, like Donald Trump! OTHERwise, society – and electronic apps – pick up on YOUR (black people) societal behavior and REFLECT it BACK TO YOU! Therefore, you (black people) have NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO BITCH about the Siri app defining black women as “bitches”!

Donald Trump is a really BAD SEED!

I wish I had not made the very first words in my blog Donald Trump – his ass has ENOUGH damn coverage.

I wonder what the Jerk-in-Chief tells his austistic? son, Baron. Like, surely Baron has asked his father why people keep protesting against him. Does the JiC tell the TRUTH and say it’s because he’s a disgusting, vile specimen of a human being, (yet who has somehow managed to persuade at least three women in the world to sleep with him and procreate)? OR, does he tell a LIE and say something like, “Oh, son, they LOVE me and are showing their appreciation.”? While he’s under 16 years old, I will feel sorry for Baron. He can’t help who his parents are. But after he’s 16, when his mind should start to think for itself, chances are, he will be yet another disgusting, vile specimen of a human being. Lord, help him. Help mankind!

I will stop believing in God, if … actually, I cannot finish that thought. I will get in trouble. But God, I will stop believing in You if You don’t take care of things …

I am tired of meeting guys who are totally undependable! I MUST be being paid back for something I did or said in a previous life … smh …

Leslie Jones of SNL – um … look, I know you have not felt a lot of love from time to time. I ain’t tryna hate, but … okay, I’ll put it this way, PLEASE BRUSH UP ON YOUR CUE CARD READING SKILLS! I KNOW you did NOT just read aloud Octavia Spencer’s name and part of her line in the March 4, 2017 episode of SNL! Girrrrl! C’mon now! smh … But I personally thought the skit was funny. However, it was also yet another skit REFLECTING black folks’ behavior of namin’ dey keedz some jacked up names! I’ll leave it at that.

Other fun TV shows – Little Big Shots.

Laugh. Eat right. Get sleep.

… and the mic is dropped …